Saturday, August 13, 2011

One of my new favorite things to make and eat these days is a turkey wrap. There are so many different varieties of ingredients you can put in it, you can't go wrong. Here is my version of a quick, tasty, yet filling wrap that is my "Go-To" when I need to stay away from the delights of fast food or feel like eating sandwich but don't want the carbs.
1 whole grain, whole wheat tortilla (use any any kind of tortilla except for the flour ones. defeats the purpose of healthy eating)
4-5 oz of turkey breast
1 slice of low-fat pepper jack cheese
2 tomato slices
1 small bundle of greens (sprouts, spinach, spring mix, lettuce)
1/4 tsp low fat or fat free ranch dressing
Tortillas, Chicken, Cheese, Avacado, Cucumbers
Layer ingredients in tortilla. Roll and slice in half. You can also eat this wrap hot. Toaster ovens or griddles work best. Eat with low fat yogurt, veggies, or an apple with peanut butter as a side instead of chips. If you find you are still hungry after you eat this, try adding more turkey to your wrap.